We asked Sara, Alberta rep, what obstacles she faces from her practices..

"Practices don't see the need for an automated recall system. They believe pen and paper works just as well. Between that and the price of RSP it can be hard to show them the benefits"


The best way to address this problem is to educate the practice. 

  • Inform them that if staff don't put in CC those patients will not show up on PMS lists = patients who aren't coming back = loss of revenues.
  • They will never have to waste the 20-30 mins it takes to prep for recall. Not even doing actual recall but prepping. All the prep is taken care of with RSP.
  • RSP makes contacting patients easy and is a time saver. RSP has automated messaging and live text chat. 

Be concise, focus on key points, and drive home the fact they are missing out on revenue. 


Robert, from Manitoba, had an awesome success story this month...

"I've been trying to get my one practice to buy RSP. They were struggling with bringing in extra revenue and their hygienists had way too many openings. I've been trying to get them to try the 30 day trial but they were resistant. After some probing I uncovered their hesitation wasn't price it was upgrading to such a modern technology. They had front desk staff who were hesitant to use a new technology. To overcome this barrier I called RSP and got Jeff to walk them through a simple demo. We organized a slow integration to the software. For the first few months the practice would just use the simple features. After 3 months the practice would go through a more thorough training session and experiment with the other features once they are familiar with the software."

Robert's tips for overcoming barriers

"Ask the right questions. Keep them open ended and see where they lead. Sometimes the truth can be difficult to uncover but it's in the best interest of the practice for us to figure out their needs."