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Dr. Shep Secter

“I am very impressed with the results we have been able to achieve with Recall System Pro. Our hygiene schedule continues to expand along with the beneficial impact on my restorative productivity. Job well done!”

Maureen - Office Manager

“Since implementing this system I have seen an amazing improvement in our work flow and results. Our office is extremely busy at times with 6 office administrators working on the schedule at one time – Recall System Pro is very effective in helping us to stay in sync and on top of our recall.”

Donna -  Recall Coordinator

“This is a system you need to see to appreciate all of its functions – Recall System Pro makes it easy to be organized and effective. This is the mini-manager every recall co-ordinator needs!”

Linda - Office Manager

"As the manager of a busy group practice, Recall System Pro has proven to be a wonderful tool to help analyze what is occurring in our hygiene department and to support Business Administrators to maximize the schedule. We have already seen a significant drop in openings and cancellations and we appreciate Recall System Pro’s responsiveness to our questions and suggestions."

Wendy - Office Manager

“Our practice has been working with Recall System Pro for 8 months.  The tech support and development team have been exceptional.

Any questions I have are dealt with immediately. The development team has been able to customize Recall System Pro to meet the needs of our practice and adapt it to work efficiently with our software. 

I look forward to a continued relationship with Recall System Pro.”

Patrice - Office Coordinator

"It completely organizes when patients are due, provides easy steps for follow up and provides scripts to assist us with bookings. This is the most complete and effective recall system that we have ever used."

Laura - Recall Coordinator 

“The automated short notice feature is a dream come true – we can now select and quickly send emails out to patients that we know are available at specific times which has dramatically cut down on the amount of time we have to spend trying to fill short notice cancellations!”

Dr. Doug Nielsen

“We had the best month in 41 years of practice last month.  It’s a great product and I would highly recommend RSP to anyone.”

Dr. Cameron Maclean

“I’ve never seen our hygiene schedule so full and in such a short period of time.  Amazing!”

Pat - Office Staff

"The virtual patient lists make it easier to use and schedule patients. The different late lists are easier chunks to digest. Our new staff members also found Recall System Pro easy to adopt."

Jane - Office Staff

"I love the confirmation push - no need to cross check systems. I t saves us a ton of time."