How do we keep 95% of our installs without a contract?

We eliminate all guesswork by offering the most comprehensive reporting suite in the dental industry today.
We don't need a contract when we can forecast and report real results.


Pre-install: invest with confidence

 A practices before Recall System Pro ROI numbers.

Recall Analysis

This report starts with a chart audit and finishes with a forecast. Wondering what recall system enhancement can do for you? See your before and after pictures.  

 A practices after Recall System Pro ROI numbers.
 Monthly Recall System Pro reports. Indicates active patients, how many patients have email and cell number, how many patients cancelled, how many due and overdue a practice booked. Great ROI tool.

Define your opportunity

The data hidden in your scheduling platform reveals the opportunities available to your practice. From lost patients to your pre-appointing percentage, we show you in real terms what RSP can improve.


Post-install: monitor results



Monthly reports

Our auto generated, easy to understand reports include:

  • Pre-appointing %
  • Missed/Cancelled %
  • Cancelled rebooked
  • Hygiene/Recall appt forecast
  • Emails/Texts collected
  • Due and Late patients by month
  • Staff use of RSP by click
  • Email/text response rates

And so much more....

 Recall System Pro monthly trend report for practice. A dental practices cheat sheet to their business.

What's in it for you?

We report back to you the number of additional appointments you are scheduling as a result of your RSP install, both monthly and YTD.

 Recall System Pro shows practices exactly how many extra appointments they are booking using our software.