Successful recall isn't magic.

It's consistent work, team involement, and the right tools.
RSP breaks down the key aspects of successful patient recall.

Dentist involvement 

It’s important the dentist starts to get involved with the business side of the practice. Dentistry is really interesting because the doctors are the business owners and a surprising amount of dentists aren’t actively involved in the business aspect. Practices will struggle if they don't have the dentist fully involved. Dentists who consistently stay involved will see a huge increase in recall and patient retention.


Get the staff involved

Staff can make or break recall. There are two factors any practice can have to improve staff’s involvement for recall:

  1. Dentist involvement: if the dentist is passionate about recall and wants their patients to come back, staff will make that happen.
  2. Tools: Recall sucks and we know it. So give staff the right tools to make an easy and successful recall. Traditional paper lists and schedulers are not meant for recall. Use an automated recall system to organize all those annoying recall tasks. An automated recall system allows your staff to focus on getting patients back instead of prep work. Most schedulers don’t have accurate information. We get told all the time that lists are out dated and the information is wrong. Providing staff with the best tools will make recall more effective.


Get a recall system

Automating recall is really the only way to get the most of your resources. Practices tend to spend more time prepping for recall than doing recall. The most comprehensive recall system on the market is Recall System Pro. We automate and organize all those pesky recall tasks. Recall System Pro takes care of messaging, confirmations, reactivation's, reducing cancellations, and provides all the tools required to make an effective recall. 


Customer service

The key to patients coming back, and not finding another dentist, is to be awesome. Not just with dental care, be awesome with your patients. If your patients love you and believe in your diagnosis’s they will keep coming back. Chair side manor is crucial from the dentist but it’s not just the dentist, it’s the whole team. Receptionists have to be friendly and the hygienist supportive. Team work is the only way to deliver exceptional service. If your practice delivers exceptional service every time and your patients will happily come back.


Keep measuring

Recall System Pro offers a free recall analysis which will show you exactly how many active and inactive patients you have. Covers hygiene, recall, and restorative. A recall analysis will also let reveal the revenue potential you have with your current patient base. This is huge! Stop guessing the numbers and really know them. Can't make improvements till you know where to start.

Let's say you get your recall analysis, a recall system (like Recall System Pro) and turned your practice into a well oiled recall machine, it’s time to maintain that success. Recall System Pro provides detailed reports (daily, monthly and yearly) so you know where your practice stands. Messaging reports, scheduling stats, staff software usage and everything else needed to maintain a healthy recall system. Recall isn’t something you can do once and be done with. Patient recall takes consistent work and comes with a huge payoff.