What is a recall analysis?

Simply put, a recall analysis tells you how often your patients return for hygiene and recall appointments. This report also reveals untapped revenue potential in your practice.


Why is recall important?

Recall is your low lying fruit. It’s easier to bring patients back than to attract new ones. You know your patients needs and have a relationship with them so keep building it! Recall is roughly 80% of a practices revenues. Focusing on such a large chunk of your business can only benefit your practice and patients.


Should you get a recall analysis?

Yes! While dentists and office admin might have a good idea where their patient numbers are many practices are ill-informed. For example, an average practice is missing 20% of their patients due to no continuing care interval. If patients are missing this interval they will not appear in your lists. A recall analysis will clearly identify where the holes are and what potential revenue your practice has. Stop guessing the numbers and really know them.


What is included in a recall analysis?

  • A breakdown of active and inactive patients.
  • Patient demographics.
  • Hygiene and recall frequencies.
  • Revenue possibilities for hygiene, recall, and restorative.
  • Amount of patients who are pre-appointed and available hygiene time.

How much will a recall analysis cost?

It’s free! If you’re interested in a free recall analysis contact us. We’d be happy to do a recall analysis for your practice and provide you with more info on how get the most out of your current patients.