A real time app that works with you, not against you.

What a novel idea! An instantly updated, fully integrated, and easy to use app for every workstation. 
Let's get recall done in half the time. How? Read on.

 Recall System Pro on computer screen.

An A.S.A.P list that works for you

Step 1:  Use RSP to find the patients that want specific openings in your scheduler.

Step 2: Email/text blast them a message.

Step 3: Wait for the phone to ring.

 Short notice feature lets you book last minute appointments.

Prep for patient contact the easy way

Surfing multiple screens equals finger fatigue... not to mention a waste of time. RSP automatically puts everything you need on one screen.

 Patient contact window screen shot

A farewell to sticky notes

From treatment plan recommendations to collecting payments. RSP remembers your follow-ups and reminds you when to take action - good bye sticky notes.

 Recall System Pro follow up feature allows for easy booking and reminders.

21st century patient lists

RSP automatically finds and organizes all of your due and late patients. Even those missing a recall date. A little less paper printed a little more on-screen easy.

 Virtual patient lists allow for easy patient access and booking.
 See the status for a whole family and book with one click.

RSP family reunion

We group family due dates and upcoming appointments in one window. Confirm or schedule the whole family in one click.


One Click Coaching

RSP has on-screen scripts for confirming or scheduling appointments. Reduce training time while maintaining cohesive patient communication.

 Never forget what you need to say to patients with coaching scripts.

With a little help from my friends

RSP lets you collaborate with coworkers in real time. Share everything from patients lists to follow ups. Nobody likes to do recall alone.

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