ISR / RSP LEAD SUBMISSION PAGE


What's a Qualified Lead? 

Hello ISR's, thank you for taking the time to recommend Recall System Pro! Before we act on an interested client, there are a few things we'd appreciate from a screening perspective. This will ensure that the demo will occur without any set backs. 

Once the client is properly screened, please use the form at the bottom of this page to get your request for a demo to the right RSP Sales Manager. 


Screening as Easy as 1,2,3


1) Are they compatible?

Recall System Pro works by installing on an existing scheduling platform. While we work with most, we don't work with all. Please ensure the practice is using one of the following:

Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Eaglesoft, Abeldent, Cleardent, Tracker,      Live DDM, Power Practice (Exan Mercedes), Maxident, Gold


2) Talking to the decision maker?

As much as we love to demo the software to anyone who will listen, for the purposes of the SPIFF program, we ask that the qualified lead also includes consent and participation from the primary decision maker of the practice. i.e Dentist, Office Manager, Recall Coordinator 


3) Are they already engaged?

Is the client already part of a group that purchases Recall System Pro? i.e. dentalcorp, Altima

Has an FSC already introduced Recall System Pro and is the sales process underway?

Is the client already a customer of Recall System Pro? 

Demo Request Submission Form

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