The creation of Recall System Pro

Recall System Pro was created by dental practice management consultants who spent over 20 years assisting dentists and their teams to maximize the productivity of their practices. 

As consultants, the founders of Recall System Pro came to understand that patient recall was one of the most important systems to the overall success of practices. Not only did patient recall have a beneficial impact on the dental health of patients, recall systems also drove hygiene and restorative revenues and had a direct impact on patient retention and practice growth.   As a result of this experience, patient recall became a primary focus of their consulting practice and they developed a comprehensive patient recall system for the benefit of their clients.  Recall System Pro is the only software solution of its kind that combines a proven hands-on approach with advanced software technology. A truly comprehensive, one of a kind offering.

The people behind Recall System Pro

The entire Recall System Pro team is committed to helping dental practices to increase productivity and practice growth by providing a world-class recall software solution.

Ron Barsotti

Prior to founding Recall System Pro Ron spent 20 years as a management consultant. As a consultant Ron assisted dentists and their teams to maximize the productivity of their practices while providing patients with the highest standards of treatment, service, and care possible.

Systematization and particularly recall system management was a primary focus of Ron's. This focus and work with dental clients resulted in the development of Recall System Pro; the dental industry's first comprehensive recall system solution. Ron is a leading authority on the importance and impact of patient recall on practice productivity, along with, their success.


Heather Sparrow
Vice President

Heather Sparrow is a co-founder and Vice President of Recall System Pro. Heather has spent over 20 years working directly with dentists and their teams providing management services and training in the areas of service excellence, systems implementation, teamwork and communication. 

Heather has been very successful in supporting dental teams to provide patients with quality treatment and care with an emphasis on service and education. Heather is also a leading authority on recall system management and developed a number of highly effective processes that have been incorporated into the automation of Recall System Pro.