May 26, 2017 - Dashboard Updates

Hello RSP clients. We have some exciting changes to outline for you. Our dashboard has been given some TLC which should help you further understand the areas to look for to maximize your recall results.


Key Indicator Page Enhancement

What happened to my star rating? Well folks, we have replaced our 5-star key indicator system with something more specific. Something designed to help you get right to the point. The things that matter most to the health of your dental practice – the 3 Keys to Success.

We have organized the information so that you can clearly see what to work on – and the results of your efforts.

1.      Pre-Appoint your patients – when done well, this will significantly reduce your unscheduled patients.

2.      Late List Coverage – contact those due and late patients. If coverage is low, due and late patients will be high.

3.      Missed/Cancelled Appointments – confirm your patient’s appointments prior to arrival to minimize misses and cancels. Use our short notice feature for recovery should they occur.

What’s PSG? Patients short of goal. The rest should be familiar from the previous dashboard but if not, feel free to call support.


Brand New Overview Page – List Reports

Curious as to how you and your staff are engaging your late patients? This brand new page reports back all activity/coverage and results from your late lists.


The first box on the page reports all activity. This includes everything from patients opening emails and texts, staff using the checkmark to attempt contact with patients, to those patients that schedule. Total activity by RSP list is displayed in the last column.


The second box on the page reports back the coverage on your due and late patients. What’s the difference between activity and coverage? An example might help. If you have 100 due and late patients and every month you contact the same 50 – you would have good activity but very poor coverage. Coverage is all about contacting your patients on time but also understanding that different patients should be contacted every month.


The third box on the page simply reports the results of your efforts.


Brand new section on the left - Trends


Tired of flipping from month to month to try and compare how you are doing related to your key indicators? Flip no more, we now have the ability for you to see 6 months at a time.


Current Month Period Select

You can now select the current month in the period drop down.