Work Recall

Patient recall is 82% of your business. New business is only about 9%. What would you rather be focusing on? How can you keep that 82% coming back?

  • Work RSP - bring in those late and overdue.
  • Customer service - be awesome (both staff and the doctor)
  • Overall experience - have an inviting, warm, and relaxing atmosphere when patients walk in

If you don't have RSP.. get RSP! In your scheduler patients go missing if they don't have continuing care or future treatment dates. These missing patients are about 20% of your patient base. With RSP we put continuing care or future treatment dates on those who are missing one. You will never lose a patient again! Now we can bring these patients back but it's up to you to make them feel good about their dental practice.

Fighting every other practice in the city is exhausting. Having excellent customer service to retain customers is much easier.