What the Top 50 Users have to say...

We asked our Top 50 users what they thought and these are the results…

“Our practice used to book only 2 weeks out now we’re booked 3 months out.” - Lori

“The short notice feature is a favorite. We can drill down patients to specific openings so it’s easier to fill the schedule.” - Wendy

“It’s nice to get the surveys and see how the patients rate our practice.” - Kathy

“The confirmation push means there’s no cross-checking saving time.” - Jane

“We are able to book a lot of same-day appointments with Recall System Pro. We’ve never had our schedule this full before.” - Deborah

“With Recall System Pro I know patients are being messaged so I only need to follow-up.” - Aimee

To our Top 50 Users: Thank you for being so awesome! We hope you enjoy the coffee gift cards we sent. You’re doing great and we're sure your practices appreciate all your efforts! Keep up the recalling!