Turning a Follow Up into a Reminder

Recently we have had a wave of clients that are looking for a way to use Recall System Pro to help with past due follow ups - essentially turning them into a reminder. Here's a suggestion:

Use the Recall System Pro Follow Up feature - let's use payment collection as an example.

Choose the date in which you would like the payment collected by and select the 'collection of payment' reason for the follow up. If the payment is not collected by the specific date - DO NOT remove the patient from the follow up list and Recall System Pro will remind you to collect payment every time you open the patient's file (the 'manage tasks' icon will glow orange in the top left) until the follow up is completed - we can now extend this follow up to remain in Recall System Pro for up to 1 year past the follow up date (please call if you'd like this extended time activated on your account).

Using the glowing 'manage tasks' icon is a great way to turn a follow up into a reminder. Save unnecessary re-work or prevent patient contact that is uniformed.

Stay tuned for more helpful hints :)