10 Things a Leader Shouldn't Do

1.     Not Follow Through With Promises, Commitments and Responsibilities
2.     Cut Corners / Not Pay Sufficient Enough Attention to Detail
3.     Chronically Loose Composure, Overreact or Demonstrate Moodiness
4.     Shuffle Responsibility for Mistakes and Blame Others
5.     Feel Victimized by Situations or Circumstances
6.     2nd Guess the Intentions, Integrity or Commitment of Others
7.     Allow Issues, Concerns Or Problems To Escalate Into Conflict
8.     Engage in Gossiping, Sub-grouping or Making Others Wrong
9.     Attack Others Under the Premise of Being Honest and Telling the Truth
10.   Refrain from Telling the Truth Because It Is Risky To Do So

"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself."

                                                                                          Henry Ward Beecher