The Pursuit of Excellence

Perfection is not possible, however, achieving quality and excellence is. 

Achieving quality and excellence is the outcome of the consistent application of knowledge, skills and effort over time – there are no short cuts, there are no quick fixes.  The opposite of excellence is mediocrity and there is no middle ground - at any given time, you are headed in one direction or the other.

Pursing quality and excellence requires that every team member maintains high expectations of themselves and others related to the standards of treatment, service and care provided to patients.  This demands developing an attitude of “relaxed intensity” among team members to ensure consistency of focus.

I consider the pursuit of quality and excellence a worthwhile endeavor that not only contributes to practice success, it also contributes to personal and professional growth.  In pursuing quality and excellence, the journey is as important as the destination.

“A person who sees Quality and feels it as they work is a person who cares."

                                                                                                 Robert M. Pirsig

“The costs of poor quality are tangible; poor quality will cost you customers and money, and ultimately affect the success of your business.”

                                                                                              Subir Chowdhury