The Patient's Perspective

Although patients come into contact with different team members and different areas on a visit, from a patient’s perspective, it is all one continuous flow of experience that either leads to service satisfaction or service dissatisfaction.

Service excellence involves providing patients with one continuous flow of positive experience in their contact with each and every team member, in each and every area, on each and very visit

From a service perspective, it is essential to design a system so that every patients' experience is seamless between office, hygiene and restorative treatment areas.  This includes ensuring:

  • Patients receive consistent attention during their visits.
  • Patients are not dropped through cracks between office and clinic areas.
  • Patients are not subjected to surprises or problems.
  • Patients are kept informed about procedures throughout their visits.

In our upcoming blogs, we will talk more about the factors that lead to high levels of service satisfaction.