Staff Participation in Decision Making

Providing staff with a voice in decision making is essential to realizing the overall goals and objectives of your practice.  This includes acquiring staff input related to:

  • The service and care of patients.
  • The day to day operations of the practice.
  • Improvement initiatives.
  • Proposed changes to procedures in clinic or office areas.
  • The policies or management systems of the practice.

Acquiring input from staff members who have expert knowledge related to the day to day operations of our practice serves to improve the quality and value of decisions.

Acquiring staff input into decision making also serves to:

  • Insure that staff members who are influenced by the outcome of decisions have an opportunity to provide input into the decision making processes.
  • Minimize the potential for miscommunication and conflict in the practice resulting from staff not participating in decision making or being informed of decisions.

Along with playing a more active role in decision making comes greater responsibility and job satisfaction.  Staff who participate in decision making inevitably assume greater responsibility related to the implementation of decisions and are able to enjoy that satisfaction that comes along with implementing constructive change.