More Than Messaging?

A common question is asked when I take potential clients through a tour of Recall System Pro - and it's a good one.

"Why should I consider a product that does more than messaging?"

It's asked so often in fact, that I thought I would provide some feedback here. The fact of the matter, which by the way isn't so publicly known, is that automated messaging (e-mail and text) doesn't quite have the impact that is advertised by most. Don't get me wrong, it does add value, it will reduce the number of calls office staff will need to make but what's interesting is just how many patients you can reach with messaging.

An average practice can expect to reach just over half of their patients by e-mail (assuming e-mail collection is a focus at your practice) of which 60% respond if they have an appointment and 15% respond if they don't.

So, when it comes to getting patients back in the practice, 15% is shockingly low, it took us quite a while to wrap our heads around this percentage. When you start to think about it, patients not only receive messages from your practice, but every other store or website that has asked for it and when there's no appointment involved, it starts to make sense. Patient recall requires a comprehensive system in which automated messaging is a component of - not the solution to.