Feedback, Coaching and Support

Achieving quality and excellence requires ongoing feedback, coaching and support from our peers. 

This involves not only being prepared to provide one another with responsible feedback and coaching, it also requires being open to receiving feedback and coaching when provided.

Effective and satisfying coaching relationships require that each and very team member:

  • Maintain high expectations of themselves and other team members related to the standards of treatment, service and care provided to patients.
  • Bringing to the attention of your teammates (in a responsible and supportive manner) when the team is not performing as well as it could be in serving patients or following systems.
  • Supporting other team members to comply with the systems and policies of your practice or proactively and constructively change them.
  • Providing other team members with open, honest and responsible communication related to an issue or concern you may have.
  • Not participating in gossiping or other communication and behavior that undermines the working environment of your practice and suggesting that other team members do the same.