Continuous Improvement

In order to provide patients with excellence in treatment, service and care and realize high levels of productivity, it is necessary for each and every staff member to adopt an attitude of continuous improvement.

This means adopting an attitude that no matter how well you feel you may be doing, you can always improve your standards without diminishing the value of what you have achieved in the past.

Continuous improvement requires an ongoing process of improving the systems, policies and processes of your practice.  This means that in addition to working  In  your practice, you must also focus as a group towards working  On your practice. This requires a commitment by every team member to take greater responsibility for continually enhancing your systems, policies and procedures. 

 "Quality is not something you install like a new carpet or a set of bookshelves, quality is something you work at.  It is a learning process."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. W. Edwards Deming