Constructive Feedback

In order to support team members to succeed in their jobs and grow professionally, it is necessary to:

Ensure that responsibilities and expectations related to job performance are clearly defined.

Provide team members with regular and constructive feedback related to job performance.

In order to provide constructive feedback, your practice must develop a criteria which defines the necessary knowledge, skill and self management requirements that enable both staff members and teams to succeed in the dental workplace. 

The criteria, which you might define as 'Standards of Performance' applies equally to all staff members and is used as the basis for evaluating job performance.  The Standards of Performance provide working definitions of the necessary knowledge, skills and self management requirements to provide for excellence in the treatment, service and care of patients, as well as provide for a healthy and productive work environment. 

In addition to supporting the practice to provide excellence in the treatment, service and care of patients, the standards are intended to provide staff with a framework for self development.  Properly utilized by staff and management, the practices’ Standards of Performance can provide a framework for a structured approach towards realizing personal and professional growth.