Common Causes of Workplace Problems and Job Stress

Quality research estimates that 25% to 35% of work that people typically do in a day is rework - time spent dealing with problems that result from things not working properly in the first place.  This type of work is costly for  dental practices and stressful and frustrating for team members.

The majority of these problems can be directly traced to various types of systems problems:

  • The lack of properly defined systems.
  • Poorly defined or designed systems.
  • Inconsistency in following systems that are defined.

System problems directly effect the quality of treatment, service and care provided to patients as well as represent a major source of stress, conflict and miscommunication that occurs among staff members on a day to day basis.

The only way to consistently provide patients with high standards of treatment, service and care and break free from a stressful dental work environment is to ensure your systems are properly defined and followed.