Our clients are awesome

RSP has some amazing clients. Debi (hi Debi!) is one of those. She fell in love with us and all the benefits RSP has provided for her clinic. So what did she do? She recommended us to two more clinics who are now part of the RSP family. We thought ‘we could call Debi and thank her OR we could be awesome’. We went with awesome.

So we surprised Debi and her whole practice with a catered lunch. We appreciate our clients and we couldn’t ask for a better compliment than your referral. So thank you Debi and all our other practices! You keep smiles on our faces.

“Dr Minhas was able to join us and was impressed with the way your company shows appreciation. 

The caterer did a wonderful job and took special  care of the dietery needs of one of our employees.  There was not a crumb left by the end of the day despite there being more than enough food! “ Debi – our awesome client