CEREC and RSP - The 60% Rule

A little known fact in dentistry is that 60% of hygiene appointments will lead to a recall exam. In fact, nationally this percentage is now approaching 65%. With this percentage in mind it only makes sense that if you are a practice considering the purchase of a CEREC, or currently the proud owner of one, adding Recall System Pro to your practice is a great choice.

Why? Our software guarantees more patients back to your practice for hygiene visits. More hygiene visits equals more recall exams. More recall exams equals more opportunities to diagnose. More opportunities to diagnose with a CEREC in place equals greater case acceptance.  This is a winning combination. In fact, practices that have both a CEREC and RSP see a minimum of 20-30 more crown and bridge per year than they otherwise would have had, making RSP an ROI booster for CEREC.