12 Steps of Effective Staff Meetings

Effective staff meetings can make a significant difference to the performance and productivity of a dental practice.  Staff meetings provide an important forum for problem solving and the improvement of systems that lead to the greater service of patients and enhanced productivity. Here are twelve steps that assist dental teams get the most from their meetings.

1. Meetings Start On Time.

2. Meetings Have A Defined Agenda.

3. Staff Are Prepared For Meetings.

  • Status of old business.
  • Ready to speak on new business.
  • Team members make good use of meetings to accomplish goals.


4.  Meeting Commitments Are Recorded.

  • Team members record their own commitments.
  • Meeting recorder records all commitments.

5. Meeting Commitments Are Followed Up On - One Meeting To The Next.

  • Minimal slippage - commitments falling through the cracks.
  • Staff are prepared to recommit on incomplete items.

6. Team Members Stick To The Meeting Agenda & Cover All Items.

  • Meeting discussions / conversations - do not wander.
  • Agenda items  are covered - no stepping over items.


7. Team Members Get to Bottom Lines In Communications – No Story.

  • Bottom lines - what is working and what's not.
  • Minimal discussions - unnecessary detail, drama, story.

 8. Team Members Listen To One Another.

  • Pay attention - do not allow yourself to be distracted from the agenda.
  • Listen to understand – ideas, issues, view point of others.

 9. Team Members Exhibit Effective Problem Solving Skills.

  • Problems are understood as signals for the need of correction vs. evolving into blaming and fault finding.
  • Team members identify the cause of problems before proceeding with trying to find solutions.
  • Team members proceed to find the simplest solutions possible that work for everyone affected by the problem.


10. Team Members Support The Leadership of Meetings.

  • Team members understand & support meeting leadership role.
  • Team members demonstrate leadership in meetings by actively participating.

11. Meetings Are Productive - Things Get Done.

12. Meetings End On Time.