Our clients are awesome

RSP has some amazing clients. Debi (hi Debi!) is one of those. She fell in love with us and all the benefits RSP has provided for her clinic. So what did she do? She recommended us to two more clinics who are now part of the RSP family. We thought ‘we could call Debi and thank her OR we could be awesome’. We went with awesome.

So we surprised Debi and her whole practice with a catered lunch. We appreciate our clients and we couldn’t ask for a better compliment than your referral. So thank you Debi and all our other practices! You keep smiles on our faces.

“Dr Minhas was able to join us and was impressed with the way your company shows appreciation. 

The caterer did a wonderful job and took special  care of the dietery needs of one of our employees.  There was not a crumb left by the end of the day despite there being more than enough food! “ Debi – our awesome client

We've had a face lift...

Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy the new and improved experience. We upgraded our website to be more user friendly.. that’s right reader. We care about you! While we hope you enjoy the new visual aspects (looking good right?) we hope you find it easier to navigate and that information is more readily available. There are more tweaks coming so please be prepared. Recall System Pro is 100% dedicated to its customers and we want all aspects of your experience with us to be positive.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved RSP website!

Emails for patient recall?

There is no arguing that automated emails and text messages are a convenience for any practice. They can reduce the number of phone calls staff are required to make. That's why we include them as part of what you get when you subscribe to Recall System Pro.  Here's something that is not commonly known - less than 15% of patients will open an email when they do not have an appointment. If you are looking for software that can assist you with recall, more than email is needed.

You might be thinking ' but I know that patients respond to email and text, they love the convenience, I'm asked for it more and more'. This is true for confirming appointments. In fact, around 60-70% of patients will respond to an email when they have an appointment.  So the distinction that I'd like to point out here is that email and text work great for getting patients to confirm an appointment they already have, but when using the same technology for getting patients to come back, the results drop significantly. When shopping for a patient recall product, it's important to understand this difference.