What happens when 22 years of dental experience meets automation?

Auto email and texts are just the tip of the iceberg. See how RSP takes automation to the next level and what's always included with 
every subscription - no hidden fees.


Live chat. No smartphone required

Text back and forth with patients in real time using RSP. Your patients can even save the number and text you for an appointment down the road.

 Live text chat example
 Automatic continuing care and future treatment dates example

Auto treatment dates

RSP scans your scheduling software for missing treatment dates. When we find a blank we auto assign making it impossible to lose patients.


We're local

We have servers in both Canada and the USA. Your messages are sent from your home country. Eliminating bad responses and skirting spam filters. The best part? Your patient info doesn't cross borders putting RSP ahead of the compliance curve.

 Canadian and American Flag since we have servers in both countries.

Grow your practice

A completely customizable survey is sent to your patients post visit. Patients can refer-a-friend, Recommend my Dentist, and post their comments to Google reviews. Improve your SEO and get new patients!

 Survey example, review example and results example.
 Recall System Pro dismissal reminder on scheduler.

Dismissal assist

If your scheduling software is missing cell or email RSP will prompt you to collect with an on-screen pop up. You'll also get a friendly reminder to pre-appoint your patients.


Real time message status

RSP will display, right on your desktop, who has been sent messages and the status of every message sent. This way the patients who do not respond are easy to identify and contact.

 See if patients read, open, or respond to your automatic contact messages.